Thinking of moving? With the children back to school this is the perfect time to declutter, organise your home and set the stage for potential viewers to see your property at its best.

It can be a daunting task when you look at the whole picture, so just take one step at a time.

STEP ONE – Decide on what you will declutter

It’s important to identify where you are going to tackle when you set out to declutter – as the scope can change as you go, and you can easily get overwhelmed. If you have a very cluttered space, then consider starting small with a drawer or a cupboard first so you can see progress and gather momentum. If the room isn’t too bad, then do the whole room.

STEP TWO – Assess the space

To declutter properly – you need to know what actually constitutes clutter in that space in the first place.It’s worth taking a few minutes to assess the space you are decluttering. Are you using it in the right way for your needs? Do you need to also have other things there once you are organised? Is it purely a decluttering exercise without the need to reorganise as well?

STEP THREE – Clear a working space

As it has to get worse before it gets better, you will need to identify an area to ‘sort’ the clutter.An adjacent room, a table, or a bed would give you a good working space.

STEP FOUR – Categorise your clutter

Decide what you need in the area you are decluttering and arrange  ‘keep, rubbish, recycle, charity type piles’ in your working space. Have rubbish bags at the ready to place things in straight away and don’t go through them umpteen times changing your mind – stand by your initial decision.

STEP FIVE – Declutter!

Place each item into the chosen working space area – don’t have a ‘maybe’ area, everything there will end up back where it started!

STEP SIX – Check you ‘keep’ pile!

Make sure that you definitely need absolutely everything in your ‘keep pile’. I’m sure you can put a few more things into one of your other categories.

STEP SEVEN – Clean the decluttered areas

Clean the drawers, cupboards, areas, ready for your newly sorted belongings to be put away.

STEP EIGHT – Remove rubbish

Get rid of everything that is leaving the house. If you can’t do this on the same day you could put things in the boot of your car or perhaps in a garage until you have time to take them. Don’t leave them there too long – you are on a roll – get rid of them as soon as possible before you clutter up your boot or garage!

Lastly – take everything that belongs in a different room and put it back where it should go.

Congratulations – a great job done. Potential buyers can now see the whole picture with a better feeling of space awareness and are not distracted by your personal clutter.

You too will feel prepared and ready to move from your home.