Moving Day ChecklistYour property is sold, you have found your perfect new home and your date of entry is arranged. What an exciting time. It can also be a stressful time trying to remember all the little things you need to do yourself.

We have put together a check list to help you along your way.


  •  Book time off work and arrange for someone to look after your children and pets
  • If you are moving out of the area do you have a new school / nursery in mind for the children and a new doctor and dentist
  • Contact Eastwood District Council (if this is your local area) giving them your date of moving and forwarding address for your Council Tax
  • Arrange to forward your mail to your new address through the Post Office
  • Get quotes from a few removal companies – they can pack some, all, or none of your belongings, whatever your prefer –  or organise friends , family and a van ! Ask the companies if they can drop off packing boxes / paper if you are wanting to pack yourself
  • Make sure there is going to be a parking area for the ‘van’ on removal day – you may have to ask neighbours to leave space for you
  • Give notice to cancel papers / milk etc
  • Collect together all your spare keys from friends and family
  • Arrange to cancel / transfer your insurance policies for contents / building
  • Change address on your TV licence
  • Give notice to your broadband provider / inform them of your new address – you can usually port your package to your new home if you are moving within the same area
  • Contact your bank, building society, DVLA, employer, sports clubs and associations, mobile phone provider to change your address
  • Arrange when & where to collect the keys for your new property

These can all be organised in advance – the sooner the better – leaving you time for packing and clearing out !


Moving day :-

  • Pack essentials for the day / night ahead – food / drinks,  kettle, mugs, plates, cutlery, bedding, towels, clothes, toiletries
  • Take your important possessions with you – jewellery / passports
  • Take final readings of gas and electricity and advise the companies
  • Turn off the water if the property is to be  empty for a while
  • Leave instruction manuals for appliances, particularly central heating / hot water
  • Remove all rubbish – don’t fill your council bin as you won’t be there to put it out and away on ‘bin’ day
  • Leave any spare kitchen / bathroom tiles and paint that match
  • Leave details of who supplies electricity / gas / broadband
  • Leave details of where the water stop cock is
  • Leave window keys / garage keys / spare house keys with labels on them and a note of your alarm number
  • Pass a key onto your estate agent or solicitor
  • Clean your home from top to bottom, remembering the dreaded cooker and fridge / freezer. If necessary arrange for a cleaner to come in after the property is empty.
  • It’s nice to leave a card / flowers for the new occupants welcoming them to their new home.
  • Collapse exhausted in your new home – oh & remember to collect the kids / pets !



Cardboard boxes in apartment, moving day

Cardboard boxes in apartment, moving day